Our Philosophy

Jake Watkins, chef-proprietor of JSW, says 'It's no coincidence that I cook what customers want. By keeping it simple, the food my chefs and I cook allow the ingredients to speak for themselves. I believe that cooking is a craft, one of the few remaining crafts left in society. It's expressing our creative side and through cooking part of it is giving happiness to others. Our food has a practical, eatable quality about it. There are few, if any, garnishes on the plate.'

Everything should make the main ingredient taste better. We make everything: from the canap├ęs, breads, chocolates and ice creams we can put our know-how into. It's also choosing the best produce around. Those Cumbrian pigs root around for acorns, the fish from the Solent is from day boats rather than trawlers.'

Running a restaurant, however, is not only just the food. It's about offering hospitality and giving our customers a memorable, relaxed time in pleasing surroundings by staff who understand how to interact with our customers. That's our goal and we get much pleasure of doing just this.' The staff create a professional, attentive but not intrusive service.

Our PhilosophyOur PhilosophyOur PhilosophyOur Philosophy