Things You Should Know About Restaurant Menus

A successful restaurant is built upon three important things – ambience, service, and food. It is one of the most profitable business if you can serve your customers with the food they want to eat. You need a menu that can satisfy the cravings of people when they are indecisive of what to eat. You can offer a unique version of the menu in your restaurant that will keep the customers coming in for more. Remember that a good menu is not just about the food you offer, but also the way you market it. Here are the things you should know about making a restaurant menu.

Check your competition

You should always be aware of your competition in the restaurant business. If a restaurant on the other side of the street is serving better food than you, it is less likely that a customer will prefer to head towards your restaurant. Find out what speciality can make you different from your competition. It is the best way to sell dishes to people.

Make a menu you can manage

menu manage

Do not create a long list of dishes that your chefs will not be able to manage. Plan your menu per the availability of items, staff, and time. Having too many options on your menu can confuse your customers and even stress them out. Keep 5-7 dishes per category so you can get quick orders.

Arrange the items properly

It is more likely that your customers will spend more time on the first page of your menu. They may get bored halfway through the list and choose something from the top. You can use it as an advantage and keep your best items on the top of the list. Highlight your specialities, so your customers do not miss out on them.

Hire a creative writer


You can do this by yourself if you have a strong command over your language. Providing a little description of your dishes in a creative way will impress your customers more. The words that you use can create an irresistible urge to try out the food. Instead of writing ‘chicken sandwich’ if you explain the ingredients and the sizzle of the grill, it is more likely to get sold.

Add versatility

Do not leave your dishes alone when you are planning your menu. Having just steak in your menu and everything else vegetarian will not seem normal to people. If you are serving a chicken dish, make sure that chicken is being used in multiple dishes. It will manage your stock properly and does not waste any food in case your only chicken dish does not sell for the day.

Manage the prices


Do not overprice your dishes but also keep a price that you can successfully pull off. The restaurant business is the most profitable one as the customers are ready to pay any amount if the food is good. But not make things fishy by pricing your dishes that do not fit in your customer’s understanding.

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