Beef or Lamb – The Best Way to Make the Irish Stew

Making the Irish stew which is rich in flavours may not be the easiest thing to try out. But when you know the right ingredients and method, you can find the depth in the Irish stew like the traditional restaurants at your home. The debate of what is better between beef and lamb for the stew has stayed for long, but no one ever said that you could not try out both. Also, you will need a lot of vegetables to add depth and richness to your stew.

The Meat


The traditional way of making Irish stew generally involves lamb, but the migrated chefs have preferred the option of beef for more fat and chewiness. Lamb is still the authentic ingredient in making the Irish stew, and it is also more affordable. Irish stew has evolved from how it was made in for family gatherings to one of the best options to try out for a healthy and affordable option.When it comes to making the stew, it is basically putting all the ingredients all together in a pot and cooking it until all the flavours get nicely blended with each other. But with a little more knowledge about your meat and vegetables, you can create the magic with this dish.When you choose lamb meat from the bone areas, it will make your stew even better. The chefs often add bones separately just to add more flavour to the stew. You can use thick-cut shoulder chops from an ideally young lamb to use the tenderness of the meat for boiling the stew. The good quality meat should appear pink. If the thick-cut shoulder chops are not available, you can take the help of the butcher to find the best pieces for your stew.


If you want the best flavours in the broth, you should first take the meat and brown it in lamb fat before stewing. Lamb fat works better than cooking oil. You can get it by trimming it from the meat and rendering in on a pan until it melts. You can put the vegetables in the fat alongside the meat to make the flavours even better. When the browning is done, take the entire content for cooking it in the oven. Slow-cook the stew for one and a half hour which will make the meat melt of the bone.



Use a generous amount of salt, black pepper, and thyme to season your hot stew. Rosemary is a traditional seasoning for lamb, but it is not commonly used for the stew. In the end, you do not need to add many spices to the stew as the best flavours will develop with simmering of the stew for a long time. You can serve it with steam fried potatoes or some fresh raw vegetables or just have it plain in a hot bowl for a fulfilling meal.

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